The Chase Cranialorthopedic Center welcomes you. Information is vital and this site provides a variety of resources. Services treat a variety of pathologies that often go undiagnosed or treated without success.

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Doug Chase - Cranialorthopediatrician

We welcome you to the Chase Cranialorthopedic Center. It is important to have all of the necessary information regarding head & neck pain treatment as well as sleep apnea. Our site is aimed to provide you a great variety of education in these key areas of cranialorthopedics. Unfortunately, most of the time these issues are treated improperly without success, or they are never diagnosed in the first place. Medical and dental fields don't quite understand or have read research that explains how mal-adjustments in the jaw - as well as neck and head posture - have a dramatic influence  on strength, posture, brain function, balance, mood disorders, wound healing, gait disorders, and other systemic effects. Because sleep apnea is so interconnected with the body, its effects can make it confusing to diagnose, thus many medical practitioners will treat the symptoms and not the cause. Our ultimate goal is to offer information and care to our patients and healthcare providers whom are interested in achieving a complete understanding on how we are all connected. We endeavor to improve our patients' levels of health and quality of life.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

There are 84 documented variations of sleep disorders. Out of these, only two are experienced by most people whom have a difficult time getting a good night sleep. Insomnia is the most well known of of these sleep disorders, and sleep apnea is the second most common. Though it is number two on the list, it has the potential to be quite life-threatening. Sleep apnea is treatable once it has been diagnosed by a trained medical professional. Dr Chase and the Chase Cranialorthopedic team uses custom airway orthotics to effectively treat and prevent sleep apnea, and these tools vary depending on the type of sleep apnea experienced as well as how severe the issue is. These sleep aids are comfortable, effective, and easy to use. With their help, and the help of extensive testing in our sleep apnea treatment facility, we have seen a drastic improvement in the lives of those undergoing sleep apnea treatment and sleep therapy. 
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Head & Neck Treatment

12% of all Americans (one in eight) experience headaches that recur quite frequently. These headaches can be quite severe, preventing the sufferer from going about their daily activities! In the US, headaches are the #1 source of pain that we experience. Some people receive proper treatment, while others turn to pain killers to band-aid the pain, and others ignore it entirely and simply 'tolerate' the excruciating pain. Don't be one of the latter two; get the help you deserve for your head and neck pain!  Dr. Chase provides collaborative restorative care with your primary dentist on your CMCD issues. Dr. Chase can also provide reconstructive care on select patients stabilized with neuromuscular parameters being met during phase I care. If your primary dentist is not able to provide high level reconstruction treatment.
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