The Center

The Center was created to provide patients and healthcare providers a pool of specialists dedicated to provide care for head and neck pain and obstructive sleep apnea. These leaders have interacted with each other and agree on the importance of comprehensive care and that the body has to be viewed as interconnected in all systems for health and well-being. This first line of help allows for quick assessment and qualified care. The caregivers have been reviewed and evaluated by Dr. Chase as providing exceptional patient care.

Dr. Douglas Chase


Dr. Douglas Chase provided a year of volunteer dentistry in Jamaica after graduating from UOP School of Dentistry in 1979. During 34 years of clinical care in Santa Rosa, CA; Dr.Chase developed a passion for sleep breathing disorders along with head and neck pain. Dr. Chase sold his two office general practice in 2013 to devote full time to these important health care areas. Lecturing locally and internationally, Dr Chase provides education to allied health care providers in these areas along with his clinical focus in obstructive sleep apnea and cranialmandibular cervical disorders.

Oral Systemic Solutions, Inc

Oral Systemic Solutions, Inc. is a new program offered to providers wanting to know more and do more with the interaction of periodontal care and systemic pathology. This field provides a new level of care on helping prevent or slow the progression of chronic systemic disease such as cardiovasular disease, diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, kidney disease, COPD, pregnancy complications and others. Dr. Chase has developed a complete program to allow providers a new resource to implement this information into clinically relevant protocols. For more information go to OralSystemicSolutions.Com