Elderly couple

The goal of this page is to provide healthcare providers case examples and information. I want to share experience and resources that I have garnered over the decades. Having practiced general dentistry for 34 years gives me a diverse and wide horizon of perspective. I want to interact on the topics of cranial-mandibular cervical disorders (CMCD), oral systemic links, and sleep disordered breathing (SDB). For forms that may help your practice please go to the FORMS page. For supporting articles, social media, blogs and links visit the MEDIA & LINKS page.

Some of the cases below are complete (study), some cases are consultations with the interactions demonstrated, and some are communications used in certain pathology. The intent is to provide caregivers with verbiage and room for discussion with me on how you see a particular situation. Feel free to contact me here on the

Case Study 1: Dentures

Case Study 2: Mandibular Reconstruction

Case Study 3: Physiological Orthotic

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