How to provide TMJ, CMCD, OSA care in a dental practice

by chaseccenter | Dec 1, 2014 | Cranialmandibular Cervical Disorders | 0 comments

Some dentists consider during their career to provide care in cranialmandibular cervical treatments. Dental school does not provide the level of training to provide more than palliative level I care. With additional training one can help many that have had poor outcomes from the medical and general dental community. This audio is a recording from the lecture I provided the California Dental Association during their annual convention. It provides the practitioner with perspective on what is needed and how to address adding care options into their practice. Having provided level III care for many years I have seen aspects of success and issues needed to be addressed to get resolution of pathology in head and neck pain. Click on the play button for the 80 minute lecture.

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