I lecture to a wide variety of organizations and groups. Topics typically involve cranialmandibular cervical disorders (CMCD), oral systemic links, and sleep disordered breathing (SDB). It is an act of passion and to give back what wisdom/skills I have garnered over the last 20 years in the field. Having practiced general dentistry along with these topics for over 34 years, I have a wide perspective horizon on the topics and enjoy interacting with people on these important fields. If you are interested in attending please contact me.


Upcoming Lectures

Piedmont Gardens, Obstructive Sleep Apnea     Oakland, CA - May 2015

Sampling of Past Lectures

ICCMO Congress, Stress, Inflammation, & Stomathognathic Pathophysiology  Kyoto, Japan - April 2015

California Dental Association, Oral Systemic Pathways     San Francisco, CA - September 2014

Oral Systemic Solutions,Inc, Oral Systemic Links & Clinical Care     Santa Rosa, CA - May 2014

South American Section of the ICCMO, Obstructive Sleep Apnea     Buenos Aires, Argentina - March 2014

ICCMO Convocation, Healthcare Team Construction     Munich, Germany - 2013

Vineyard Dental Group, Cranialmandibular and Cervical Disorders     Santa Rosa, CA - 2013

North Bay Study Group, Head and Neck Triage and Care     Ukiah, CA - 2013

California State Hygiene Association Conference, Sleep Breathing Disorders     San Ramon, CA - 2007

International College of Cranialmandibular Orthopedics A Case History     Vicenza Italy - 2007

International Association of Contemporary Esthetics, We Are All Connected     San Francisco, CA - 2009

International College of Cranialmandibular Orthopedics, Medical Imaging     Phoenix, AZ - 2010

Pharos University, Alexandria Egypt, Cranialmandibular Cervical Disorders      Alexandria Egypt - 2010

Rotary, Sleep Apnea     Santa Rosa, CA - 2009

Rotary, Temporal Mandibular Disorders     Santa Rosa, CA - 2008

Santa Rosa JC Hygiene Program, Cranialmandibular Cervical Disorders     Santa Rosa, CA - 2005- 2015

UC Davis Family Practice Resident Program, Oral Systemic Links     Santa Rosa, CA - 2011

UC Davis Family Practice Resident Program, Dental Emergencies in Medicine     Santa Rosa, CA - 2011, 2013

California Hygiene Association, Santa Rosa Chapter, Sleep Breathing Disorders     Santa Rosa, CA - 2007

Santa Rosa Junior College Hygiene Program, Sleep Breathing Disorders     Santa Rosa, CA - 2009, 2015

Vineyard Dental Study Group, Temporal Mandibular Disorders     Ukiah, CA - 2004

Vineyard Dental Study Group, Sleep Breathing Disorders     Santa Rosa, CA - 2007

Kiwanis, Temporal Mandibular Disorders     Santa Rosa, CA - 2004

Spring Lake Village, In-service training     Santa Rosa, CA - 1996-2003

Sonoma County Hospital Resident Program, Temporal Mandibular Disorders    Sonoma County Hospital - 1993-1997

Cranial Mandibular Cervical Disorders Program     Santa Rosa, CA - 2010

University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Introduction to CMCD Care     University of the Pacific - 2007-2011

University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Orthodontic Resident Program Lecture CMCD Issues     University of the Pacific - 2007-2010