PPM for improve athlete performance

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I just spend my Sunday with Anil Makkar who is the Founder and President of Makkar. He was amazing as he lectured to a number of certified neuromuscular dentists on how PPM takes the technology and techniques we use so often to help with various head and neck pain and dysfunction; and puts it to work with “healthy” athletes to make them perform better. They just released a new Key appliance which is simpler to construct and deliver. This adds to their higher professional versions. The mouth piece uses your existing muscle skeletal  status and adds though better alignment of your frame improved flexibility, balance, power, and range of motion. I cannot think of a sport that does not use these parameters. I cannot be more impressed and hope to bring what I treat so often in a disease state into providing advance athletic performance. Your jaw posture is so important. How it affects central nervous system and muscle skeletal is complex and I will not go into it here. I will in future posts talk about the parts of the solution. Here is link if you want more…. or email me at douglasc37@aol.com

Makkar: Pure Power Mouthguards

I updated my techniques and reviewed data of the results that a number of high level sport individuals have obtained. You can go to the site to see more. Obviously I provide this service here in Santa Rosa and also in San Francisco at the Pacific Center for Orofacial Disorders at University of the Pacific Dental School. However, I can direct you to the closest dentist by having you go to the site and have them direct you to such providers . Tell them I sent you. So bottom line it is not the money …. it is the great direction we are going to not only get healthier but actually find our best performance in sports we so enjoy in our life.

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