Head and Neck Pain Treatment


Did you know that 12% of all Americans suffer from frequent headaches that prevent them from living a normal life? Perhaps you are one of them, seeking relief from this terrible symptom that seems never-ending. Unfortunately, here in the States, headaches are the number one reported cause of pain. It's not necessarily 'in your head', however. It is estimated that about 80% of headaches actually come from muscle tension in the head and neck. And that muscle tension is likely to result from an improper bite.

This strange phenomenon has been a recurring theme throughout history. Early civilizations have documented headaches as well. In their writings or pictographs, they tell of potions, magical remedies, even spells, to remove the headaches. As you can see, chronic headaches are not going away on their own. They need treatment. Fortunately for you, the technology is freely available to treat these nasty headaches. As we begin to realize that much of head pain is from an unhealthy and improper bite, the more we are equipped to treat it for good.



Your bite involves much more than just the teeth coming together. Bringing your jaw up into your bite requires the action of many muscles that are attached to your skull, neck, and jaw. Muscle strain to get the teeth together often created by neck posture compensating for airway breathing problems, orthodontic problems, poor skeletal development during childhood, as well as a variety of life events including motor vehicle accidents, sport accidents, workplace ergonomic problems, and an array of medical problems.

Dysfunctional muscle forces lead to damaging muscle compression, spasm, poor circulation, and nerve compression. The patient may suffer from headaches, facial muscle pain, neck pain, and phantom toothaches. Ringing in the ears, tingling of the fingers, sinus headaches, and a variety of muscular tension and migraine headaches can result as well. Jaw movements can become limited and painful, and teeth may not feel like they come together correctly.

Acute painful episodes without treatment can evolve into chronic conditions. A chronic state of pain and dysfunction can lead to depression, fatigue and a variety of medical conditions that present without a good source of origin. An improved understanding of cranialmandibular and cervical problems exists. Dr. Chase utilizes advanced concepts and technology to diagnose and treat these conditions. Referrals and new patient are welcomed. If you wish to read more go to the articles and references section of the MEDIA & LINKS page. If you or someone you know has questions and/or wish to get help go to our CONTACT US page. Read also about Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome to ensure that your headaches aren't a result of low-quality sleep.