What is Functional Dentistry?

Biolistic or Functional Dentistry is about Function and Esthetics. Traditional Dental care is based on mechanical concepts that assume that your present bite (occlusion) is best for you. Goals include restoring your bite to that position and might be called two-dimensional dentistry. Physiological Dentistry takes into consideration a third and fourth dimension. The third is the status and function of the muscles that control jaw position, chewing, and swallowing. The limits of care also do not assume the issues stops at the base of the head, but care considers a wider view of the whole person. Treatment considers the entire skeletal frame and the physiological processes that happen in this frame. Even minor changes in one part of the skull can ripple throughout the entire body to its benefit or creating pain and dysfunction or contributing to conditions such as sleep apnea.


The fourth dimension involves the mind and how one feels. So much of what we do is a consequence of feeling well. I often ask the question, "How healthy do you want to be?" Humans are very adaptable and often we stay quiet due to lack of concern by others or hopeless attitudes perpetrated by the health care field. Improving your quality of life is always a high priority.

The stabbing pain behind my eyes and headaches resolved so quickly. After so much medical care that did not help; it was wonderful to finally feel whole again. I cannot thank you enough.
— Kay

Why would I need Neuromuscular or physiological dental treatment?


You don't know what you don't know. This is an old saying but in a way answers the question. Many people and even many doctors do not realize that muscles play an important role in your health and in dental treatment. Your jaw posturing muscles may be overworked in attempting to maintain your present "programmed" position, even when you think they are relaxed. Head posture affects your bite (occlusion) and muscles that control head posture are primarily in the neck and upper back. Taken together, these conditions can lead to a variety of problems including a poor bite, muscle pain, headaches, sleeping problems, jaw joint problems and a wide range of other physical and emotional disorders.

Trouble areas are not limited to the head. As your jaw changes position (due to past dental treatment, orthodontics [even done as a child], accidents, loss of teeth, grinding) the lower jaw shifts backward and puts pressure on the Temporomandibular Joint just in front of the ear. This compresses nerves and blood vessels and can cause muscle spasms and pain. Over time this causes the position of the head to shift creating unbalanced forces on the neck. Eventually a forward head posture will be adopted to breathe, a tilted pelvis to compensate for unbalanced forces and canted shoulders due to the neck bones being pushed out of position.

How do I know if I have "bite" problems?

Some of common symptoms include:

  • Frequent Headaches
  • Teeth grinding or clenching
  • Worn, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Retruded chin or a noted overbite
  • Short, square shaped teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Receding gums & cavities at the gum line
  • Snoring or sleep apnea
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Jaw Pain
My smile showed almost no teeth. After treatment I showed a great smile and my jaw pain disappeared.
— Neil

What does this type of treatment involve?

Our dental care goal is to obtain a jaw position that is associated with relaxed muscles. The position must be measured. That word "measured" is key. If it can be measured it is a fact, if it cannot then it is just an opinion. To obtain physiologically relaxed muscles we use an instrument that allows your muscles to not know where they are in space. Thus, they do not know where your teeth are and will relax to a position that is natural for you and comfortable (called resting length). This position is recorded and an orthotic to confirm this position may be made to allow for healing of damage tissues.

Great cosmetics, excellent function, and improved form provides you to not only a great smile but better long-term health of your entire body. Neuromuscular dental care is an exciting field that can offer so much value to your health and wellbeing. If you wish to learn how such care can help you or people you know go to our CONTACT US page. If you wish to read more go to the articles and references section of MEDIA & LINKS page.

Neuromuscular dental care changed my life and gave me confidence with everyone I meet.
— Larry

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