I have had major jaw pain and popping for years limiting chewing foods that were soft. After Dr. Chase dida full workup and gave me a neuromuscular orthotic the popping totally was gone. My jaw pain has diminished by at least 2/3 in only three months so far. I used to have headaches constantly from the jaw being so compromised. I no longer think about them as I don’t get them now. I realize I am still in the middle of treatment and I may have to have a permanent solution to wearing the orthotic or I could continue to wear it like one would use a knee brace. Amazing care… thanks Dr. Chase.
— Sam G.
I searched for such a long time till I found Dr. Chase. The professional kindness and concern you showed along with the solution you provided made all the difference in how I can live my life. Pain does not take first place anymore! I can actually think about other things. Everything you told me came to pass. Thanks to you and Robbie for all the efforts you made. I appreciated your kindness especially in your ‘teaching’ moments. I always came out of your office feeling improved.
— Vicki B.

— James H.

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